Thursday, November 11, 2010

Converge - You Fail Me / No Heroes 2010 represses

Deathwish recently made the decision to repress two of Converge's somewhat older albums, "You Fail Me" and "No Heroes".

These are two albums that have been out of print for some time. The only way you could get them was through ebay or some other used secondary market for inflated prices.

Well, now these records are readily available again. Deathwish made the decision that these records would stay in print for as long as there was a demand for them. Not only that, but both records were pressed on good old black vinyl.

One color with no pressing numbers listed usually means just go about your business and live your lives. The records will be here if you need them. I ordered both and that was that.

After an innocent mail order mixup that was worked out by the fine folks at Deathwish, my records arrived in the mail this week.

First up, You Fail Me.

I find it interesting that Deathwish would repress this on black vinyl since this record has already been on black 180 gram vinyl in the past. On the first press, there were 552 on black that were sold on a European tour.
Generally Deathwish isn't known for repeating colors on represses. So be it. I will assume this repress isn't 180 gram and go with it. It is one hell of an album.

Next up, No Heroes.

Now for the interesting part. I got white vinyl.

I swore the webstore said both these records would only be available on black vinyl. After doing some digging around, I found that the Vinyl Collective board had been all over this. A few people who either had their orders lost or mixed up were getting No Heroes on white vinyl. I guess I am in that same boat.

The cool part is that Tre and Jake ain't saying shit. Chaos and anarchy are breaking out on the message boards by rabid completionists and these two are acting as cool as a cucumber.
I like that!

It can be one of two things.

#1. A super limited, secret double probation run of white vinyl was pressed to handle mailorder issues and any overselling from the high webstore demand. Only the band, Tre, Janelle and four guys with US post office problems have them.
These copies are as rare as blood diamonds and I now have the coolest Converge collection of all time.

#2. Deathwish are keeping this record in print and white is the next press of 5000. In which case I am a jerk off for writing even this much about it.

I am putting my money on #2.

Part of me hopes that any further represses will all be on one color and they can keep it in print forever. People can have the record if they want without having to resort to ebay, and I won't have to keep buying Converge records like a robot.

Seriously, my Converge record collection is starting to look like a mini-Deathwish warehouse!

On second thought, that looks pretty bad ass. Keep them coming.

Now I only have one question, can I still get a No Heroes on black?


  1. Awesome dude. I'm a little jealous of that white vinyl, however, the black vinyl looks really good.

  2. We don't normally repeat colors, but since the You Fail Me is just standard weight black vinyl, we kinda sorta didn't.

  3. Loving how tre comments but declines to mention the white vinyl record.

  4. Deathwish = causing mass chaos in Converge fanboys' lives...

  5. I have two copies of No Heroes from the original pressing and the lyrics is on a gate fold like show in the picture. Was it not like that originally?