Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Trash Talk - s/t album

I'm not really one for gossip, but this album was all the talk at the 2008 Sound and Fury fest a couple of years ago, and not for the music.
It also arguably happened to be the hottest item at the merch tables as there was an actual push and shove crush to get at it.

For those who can't read that small, I will transcribe the front sticker that was affixed to the cover.

"Some of your favorite record labels are in the business of exploiting some of your favorite artists. lacking the creative concepts and materials to entertain on their own, they rely on starving artists to do so. Ideally these artists will no longer have to starve in order for their music to be heard. THAT IS NOT THE CASE and (label name here) is no exception to this horrible standard. Once raped of their product, these artists are charged for copies of their own material, incurring debt to these labels. This is just one of the many ways record labels are able to continue profiting on their artist's hard work without fairly compensating the artists. Without the artists there would be no record label. Ideally the independent music scene should be free of these industry horrors. It is not in addition to perpetuating the grief and hardship of their artists by incurring these fees (label name here) also makes profit through online merchandise sales. bands only see a small portion of the proceeds from these sales and often do not recieve them as the money owed to them is put towards erasing the debt they have accrued with the label. It is virtually impossible to come out ahead. Support the bands and not these labels. Buy directly from the band."

Ok then. Someone is not very happy with their label!

They purposefully remove the name of the label in question, leaving it ambiguous as to who they could be talking about.
However this was the talk of the town in the cattle barn in Santa Barbara that weekend.

a. Trash Talk "Plagues" 7" was their previous release to this album.
b. It has just been repressed by Malfunction/Deathwish (1000 on seafoam green)
c. They form Trash Talk Collective to self release all their future recordings and even repressed Plagues themselves.

Like I said, I don't gossip, but it doesn't take much to leap to the conclusion they are talking about themselves as the wronged band in their statement. It also doesn't take much to guess who the label is.

Whatever, the only thing I know for sure is there were 100 of the S&F editions available. They sold out really damn fast. They used the most common color, green, to use for the press.
It was going for insane bucks on ebay following Sound and Fury, but has tailed off quite a bit since.

Maybe I'm way off on this one, if anyone knows the real deal - leave a comment!


  1. Another quality post. Nice job, Doug.

    PS. I know nothing about Trash Talk or any kind of record label drama.

  2. Nice post and nice record. We on the other side of the ocean never hear about these kinds of drama which makes it kinda fun to hear.
    Keep up the good posts!