Monday, December 6, 2010

Floorpunch - Fast Times At The Jersey Shore

Before Snookie, Paulie D and The Situation reared their ugly orange heads, the only time I had heard of the Jersey Shore was in the title of one the greatest albums ever recorded; Floorpunch's "Fast Times At The Jersey Shore".

Fast Times was released in 1998 as Floorpunch was continuing to be part of the straight edge hardcore revival along with other bands like In My Eyes, Fastbreak and Ten Yard Fight.
The album was Floorpunch's last original release and their only full length. Every song is a killer, well except "Let It Ride". I always felt they could have left that one off the end.
The lyrics are heavy on personal, posi themes about friendship, the core and living straight. You also get the obligatory songs about being stabbed in the back, betrayal, breaking edge and how you used to be my friend. Youth crew 101!

The record was released on Equal Vision Records who were famous for a large single pressing with limited color variants, and absolutely no chance of a repress. You want it on black, no sweat. Color? That is a different story.

98 pressed on white vinyl.

300 pressed on green.

1600 pressed on black. That number is not 100% confirmed, but it makes sense with the total press run at close to 2000.

Black and white, two sided, glossy insert as well.

To say this record was influential is an understatement. No less than three high profile bands took their names from song titles from this record. Guess which three and you win a prize.
Not really. But you will get your name in the comments.


  1. I received a black copy as a promo for some order I placed with may have been Rev...and as soon as I spun it I got hooked. Great fuckin' album!

  2. holding on true colors the answer

  3. Winner, winner! Chicken dinner!