Thursday, January 20, 2011

Mental - And You Know This 7" record release

I finally had a couple records trickle in this week and I was very excited to finally have this in my hands.

Mental - And You Know This on clear vinyl with the home made record release cover.

This was the first release on Lockin' Out Records which has become damn near legendary as far as hardcore labels go.

The vinyl is from the first press of 300 on clear. 100 were used for the record release.
The labels were hand numbered in silver ink.

The inside of the cover is dated for the show. Hard to believe how fast the years are ripping by!

Foldout of the cover shows the band name with a red, green and yellow "reggae" motif. The cover is eight years old and it still kind of feels wet or tacky. What the hell kind of paint was used for this?

For whatever reason, I have been snaked on this record for years. It doesn't pop up that often on ebay, and when it does I have been outbid every damn time. Well, except this time. The record consistently sells in the $60 range which isn't too bad, it just doesn't show up very often.

I guess those who have it, obviously like it and hold on tight. I don't blame them.


  1. I've always kinda wanted this. But you mentioning that the paint is still sticky has actually put me off completely!

  2. I sold ALL my Mental records back in 2005 in between tours when these records were all going for big $$.
    I was at this show... and it was madness at the merch table. I can't remember if it was this show or another record release show at the Elks Lodge in Cambridge, MA.... but they started setting up merch in the basement while a band played upstairs on the main floor and everyone started rushing down the stairs to get limited records and shirts. It was madness!! And the poor band on stage ended up playing to no one.

  3. I only have the regular cover on blue wax.I think thats the second press right?

  4. Yeah, the blue vinyl is the second press. That was the first one I got. Weird thing is i have never seen the first press black vinyl which had some pretty big pressing numbers. Weird.

  5. So its

    800 black
    200 clear
    100 Record release (which you have)

    that record is rare in itself I think didnt see it too many times on ebay (at least here in Germany).