Monday, December 31, 2012

No Tolerance - Discography 12"

What I am about to say should be taken with a grain of salt and is not intended to insult or disparage anyone in particular or personally. The sentiment is more a reflection on my neurotic need to collect everything associated with a band or label to feel "whole" or "complete". I guess I have such little control in all the other aspects of my life that I use this forum to give myself a sense of purpose and peace. I have issues, obviously.   With that said;

You fucking Euros and your fucking represses!

Somehow, some way,  a Euro label called Quality Control HQ was able to get all parties on board, band and labels, to repress the first two No Tolerance 7"s onto a 12" in celebration of the No Tolerance European tour back in the fall. So in addition to the seven or eight 7"s I have with these songs, now there are a couple more 12"s to add. Great.

These versions were sold at shows and I heard sold out pretty damn quick - which is to be expected.

There were a total of 500 pressed with only 100 on this awesome looking green.

The record also comes with a large, two sided, black and white foldout lyric sheet/credits page.

Now I just have to track down the black vinyl which won't be an easy task. The Quality Control HQ website says they are all sold out, even though I never knew they were ever made available to the general public! If anyone has a line on where a neurotic brother from Canada can score one, it would be appreciated!


  1. I feel your pain, i was soo close to a complete collection. Took me ages to just find a black and green copy. Now i need the test and the test of the 2nd 7" and im done.

    I saw these. They are really expensive, but there are usually a few more on there, i would just keep an eye out.

  2. I have a spare black one for trade seems like you might be interested ;)
    And someone recently offered me $70 incl. postage for my green copy which I'm NOT going to sell or trade