Saturday, January 5, 2013

Black Flag - Nervous Breakdown

It looks like the year is off to a nice start as I was able to knock off one more MAJOR record from my "don't even bother" KBD want list. The original first pressing of Black Flag's Nervous Breakdown has been the one record that I couldn't just let it lie or settle for a later press.

I think it has to be the radically different cover along with the hot pink labels that just makes this one irreplaceable. I feel I was actually pretty lucky to score one in this great of condition. You start heading into the late 1970's for punk and hardcore records, finding one not beat to hell or played out is pretty tough. It wasn't like kids were playing it once and filing it away upright in a poly sleeve.

This copy just has one ever so slight crease on the bottom left corner, but other than that looks and plays great. (The sleeve is not yellowing - that's my lighting situation here in this Canadian winter.)

Comparing it to the only other copy of Nervous Breakdown I own, you can see how different the layout is along with the complete redesign of the labels as well.

Now that I finally have this one in my collection, I am psyched to have all the original pressings of the Black Flag 7"s including Six Pack with the original red labels, Louie Louie on Posh Boy, TV Party with color SST/Unicorn sleeve, Jealous Again with the HEAVY brown cardboard sleeve and red labels and the Keep It In The Family promo.

I guess that is one cool aspect of record collecting. There's something for everyone - even within the genre or group! Marcus posted an amazing article last week on all the different colored Black Flag albums that took him years to complete. While I admire and salute his tenacity and dedication, it is nothing I would even attempt because I dig original first press shit above all else. He may think this collection is BORING. You know what? It's all good. We love this stuff.


  1. I'm jealous of both yours and Marcus' collection. I've already started searching ebay for Black Flag vinyl. I sense this is a slippery slope.

  2. Nah man, I don't think this is boring at all. The first press NB 7" is something I can't really expect to ever own. That mix of price and condition means I have never even considered going after one of these. Kudos to you though. Definitely a top end item.

    Also interesting that you own the gold vinyl / red sleeve version. Seems to me it doesn't really fit in your collection. Coincidentally though, it's on my want list.

  3. Amazing! I have 15 Black Flag titles, but I limit my collection to the 12" format to keep from falling ever so crazy down the rabbit hole.

  4. I went down the rabbit hole! However, I have to preface this by saying that I grew up back then and bought most of my vinyl when it came out. I actually saw Black Flag with Dez singing in early 1981 and then saw Henry's 2nd performance with the band as an "actual" member. That show was at the Cuckoo's Nest... Anyway, I have been working on sorting out all the different pressings/versions of the Nervous Breakdown EP and put all my info on Blogger... In case you are interested about other pressings of the 7" NB EP check out my blog:

    Take it easy and good luck on building your collection.