Friday, March 29, 2013

Stick Together - Surviving The Times

Sometime just before Christmas, right around the same time I was finishing off my Beware 7" collection, I decided to also get serious about my Stick Together collection as well. I ended up with a pile of records for just two releases. One of them was Surviving The Times.
Surviving The Times is a great record and was easily one of my favorites of 2012. I think that by slowing down, the songs ended up being so much more memorable and catchy. Pure youth crew straight edge hardcore. So good.
As is the trend these days, anything super good, popular or hyped has to get the multiple color and pressing treatment. Time to dive in.

Triple B starts things off with red vinyl. This was the most limited color and it sold out quickly during preorders. There were a total of 165 pressed.

The next color up is clear with black swirl. It just ends up looking like clear with smoke, one of my least favorite looking color patterns ever. There were 406 pressed on this color.

Finally, the first press is finished off with good old black vinyl. This is out of 924.

The cover is a tri-fold with plenty of pictures, lyrics and thank you's. Sharp!

Next up is this cool white vinyl version complete with this awesome In My Blood Records fold over cover. The layout, dust sleeve sticker and Brett Beach shout out is super awesome and harkens back to the Floorpunch D1C 7". I ended up with #100 out of 100.

Control Records stepped up once again to do a European pressing and the results were awesome as expected. They changed things up for the cover layout but obviously used shots from the same show. The layout also goes to a single foldout instead of the tri-fold.

There was a small limited color pressing on blue vinyl. These were hand numbered out of 100 by a sticker on the dust sleeve.

 There was also a black vinyl pressing which is out of 300. Not exactly a huge number and surprisingly was still available the last time I checked. You should buy one.

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