Sunday, April 7, 2013

Prisoner Abuse - s/t

I have never been more out of touch with the hardcore scene than with my epic fail regarding the Prisoner Abuse lp. I try to stay on top of things through blogs, message boards, twitter and facebook and still this one eluded me completely.
It wasn't until Marcus emailed me asking if I scored a copy of the Prisoner Abuse album that I had ever even heard of them. I literally had no idea what he was talking about. The next thing I know blogs all over the place are posting their copies of the record. What the fuck?!?!?
So after reading up about the band and listening to a couple songs it was back to the salt mines and yet another album ends up on my want list.

The first one I was able to score was the clear vinyl version. This one has quite a bit of black swirled in which I assume is common with the everyone else's. There is no info on the pressing numbers on the Painkiller discography page yet, but a few on HYE? have it as only 100 copies on clear.

The next one on black vinyl was relatively easy to score as a message on the Painkiller site stated that after a brief hiatus, black vinyl copies were available again. I can only assume it is a second press but with Painkiller you never know. Their pressings of common black vinyl usually ends up being identical with the first.

Pretty standard layout with a single insert.

Musically, this stuff is awesome. Boston straight edge hardcore in the vein of 80's bands like SSD and Negative FX. But you know that already. I'm the one with the late pass.


  1. This eluded me too, but atleast you got to pick up a copy on clear. Jealous!

  2. I wondered why you seemed indifferent to this when I asked you about it. You hadn't got a clue what I was talking about!

    I'm also jealous of the clear copy by the way. Still gutted I missed those...