Sunday, July 19, 2009

ON - Vital Times ep

It looks like the hardcore world at large has finally caught up with the west coast's worst kept secret, ON.
This month Reaper and React! Records will be jointly releasing "Double Vision", a compilation of ON's first two self released 7"s. Powered Records is also releasing it for the European market as well. To steal a line from the movie Almost Famous, "It's all happening."

I first heard about ON through the Legitimate Bros webpage. Hey, I am only a 12 hour drive away from Vancouver, I figured I might as well keep with the west coast hc scene. I read that a new band was starting up with a member of Champion and...whoa, whoa, whoa!. That's was enough for me!
Champion were one of my favorite hardcore bands and anything Jim Hesketh was going to be singing on, I'm in.
I kept up with their myspace page and the Legitimate Bros site and the next thing you know, the Vital Times ep.

The white vinyl was out of 250 and was available only through the pre-order.

Black vinyl was out of 600. Still not that big a number for a "regular" press.

The record release was on green vinyl out of 75 and came with special covers.

The one I got has the regular insert and also a gig poster of the show the record was released at. Basically, a roll call of the Legitimate Bros roster. Very nice.

The tour press was also on green and out of 75. I have seen it listed as "heady nug green", whatever the fuck that means. Looks like regular green to me.

ON's second 7" record, "Control" came out recently and next up is the "Double Vision" lp I mentioned earlier. If anyone has an extra record release copy of Control, hit a brother up!


  1. I'm missing both of the green vinyl releases. The day that the 12" went up for pre-order, was the day that my bank account took a serious hit.

  2. I'm trying hard to avoid this band. Unfortunately though, someone has just given me a copy of one of their 7"s. Damnit.

  3. I've got the record release version of Control, but none of the limited versions of Vital Times. I wonder how it is i didn't get all the other limited versions? Weird.

  4. if anyone has extra copies of both 7" and wants to sell or trade let me know.

  5. a heady nugg is marijuana. I'm proud you didn't understand.