Monday, August 22, 2011

Ceremony - Rohnert Park EP: Sick 7"

Really, not much to say about the Sick 7" at all. My favorite song off one of my favorite albums of 2010. I would have posted about it a year ago, but that damn record release version was very elusive. It doesn't show up often on ebay and when it does it sells for mad cash. The last two before I got mine went for $77 and $81. That's pretty insane.
I finally got one last month and I didn't pay remotely close to that much, so maybe things are calming down a bit.

The Sick ep was one of those early preview 7"s released by Bridge Nine a month before the album. B9 have done this many times before with bands like Ambitions, Ruiner, Verse and Cruel Hand to name a few. I think they even did it with Ceremony on their last album too. One song off the album and one exclusive track. Works for me.

The last time I saw Ceremony at Chaos In Tejas, they opened with "Into The Wayside/Sick" and it set the tone for the rest of the show. They tore the roof off the place. Well, there was no roof to begin with, but you get the idea. There are some youtube videos out there. Go check them out. You are a resourceful bunch.

First press. Record release cover. Clear vinyl out of 99.

Hand numbered on the back fold.

First press. White vinyl out of 300.

First press. Clear vinyl out of 700. I have a feeling it's more like out of 601 as 99 of the clear were used for the record release.

Second press. Black vinyl out of 500. Not very often that a preview 7" gets a second pressing on Bridge Nine.

Two pressings over one year and Bridge Nine is totally sold out of the record in their webstore. You can find it on ebay and some distros easily and fairly inexpensive though. Well, except the record release. That one is still a bitch.

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