Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hope Defeated - 2010 Demo 7"

I know you are probably asking yourself, "Who the hell is Hope Defeated?" Well, it is a band. More specifically, my band.
In addition to collecting records, going to shows and occasionally hitting up a fest, I have also been playing in bands for the last 20 years. Well I don't play shit, I'm what Bon Scott would call a "Rock and Roll Singer". Yeah.

Last year I got together with some friends I have played with in different bands or known in the scene over the years and we formed Hope Defeated. I guess I figured I wasn't quite done yet.

We hit the studio last September to get an idea of what we had. Everything sounds awesome in the basement. Eight songs in eight hours, live off the floor. I put vocals on five.

I was pretty happy with the results and let some close friends know what we were up to and passed around the raw mp3s we got from the studio. One of those guys was Marcus from Endless Quest. Surprisingly, he brought up the idea of releasing the songs we recorded on vinyl as a demo on his label.
I guess he liked them. We picked the four best songs, remixed and mastered them, and sent them off.

I have to say, Marcus has put a lot of time, effort and money into making this record as cool and good as it can be. One of the ideas he had was to press a special limited run of 50 on red that would only be available for readers of our blogs. Special labels and covers just for the loyal readers of The Endless Quest and We Will Bury You.
Look at that, always thinking of you.

You can read more about all the details and even hear a song if you like at Marcus's blog posting here:

Or you can head right to the Endless Quest webstore here to pre-order:


  1. If you have the time, you guys should play a local show!

  2. Woohoo, one of those 50 is now going to a vinyl nerd in Hannover, Germany.

  3. ... and to a man from the land down under. I'll put the word out to the Brisbane Hardcore group (facebook - bringing people together... sigh) about it.

  4. ... that is once the 50 red have sold out, of course. Keep the blog fans happy.