Sunday, April 14, 2013

Cursed III - Good Friday Edition : Record Release

A couple years back, I did a post on the Cursed III: Architects of Troubled Sleep lp. You can check it out here. One of the things I wrote about was needing to get my hands on a copy of the record release edition. Well today, that finally happened.
I don't really like record swap meets. In fact, they kind of bum me out. Huge sausage fests with some of the weirdest obsessive compulsive or just insane dudes milling around like walkers in the zombie apocalypse. Boxes of crap that their owners seem to think are worth their weight in gold. Mountains of boring mainstream vinyl to flip through and on top of it all - please pay $5 for the privilege to do so. No thanks.
My buddy Shawn was going to head down and check it out. He is good like that. I just asked him to let me know if there was anything cool. I had forgotten all about the "show" and was surprised to see  a picture of this bad boy come through on messenger. After a few minutes of planning and texting back and forth, I was loading the kids into the family car, heading to the ATM and then off to a community recreation centre where they set up the show. I had Shawn watch my kids while I made my way into the hall (Thanks again dude!) and snatched this bad boy up for $15 less than the lowest ebay price it had ever sold for. Not a bad Sunday afternoon. We went for candy after.

The Good Friday Edition Record Release was hand numbered out of 85. I like that the numbers on the artwork and DJ sleeve match. Too bad about the smear, but it wasn't exactly a deal breaker; especially after the effort it took to get it.

The record release came on the more common black vinyl with the standard dreaded printed inner sleeve.

The table I scored this was like a Toronto punk rock museum that had it's own Chris Colohan wing. Ruination and The Swarm 7"s, Cursed albums, the Cursed demo cd-r and I think there was some Left For Dead there too. I just didn't have the cash to buy much more and plus my kids were waiting outside. I left with only this album and a Fucked Up 7", but I think I did just fine.


  1. The dude that (I assume) you bought this from came to a record swap in Lethbridge last year. He had multiple copies of this record release version, as well as Cursed II on clear and tons of other records from 90s Ontario bands. I should have bought more from him, I bought maybe two things from his table. Oh well.

  2. Hey Doug, I like your post, and I'm glad that record found a good home after all. Give me a shout if you are ever interested in those other LFD reunion records.

  3. Good story. I especially liked how you roped the kids in.
    Hopefully you will have cause to post another Cursed entry in the near future...

  4. Glad I could help you out Doug! I live vicariously thru your record collection, so if watching the kids for 15 minutes helps the cause, i'm always down to help.

  5. sick pick up, always love to see when you have a new post! keep them coming!