Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cursed - Two

To say this post is a long time coming would be an understatement. It literally took years to get these two damn records. Well, one took a long time. As it usually is with collecting, the limited color eluded me for a while.
The first copy I got of this amazing album was from Chris Colohan himself when Cursed rolled through town on tour. My friend invited me down to the show as his band was opening. I owned the original press of One, I liked all the other CC bands like The Swarm, CTO and Left For Dead so hell yeah, I was going.
When I got to the show, I was so surprised by the lack of people there. Almost everyone was drinking at the bar or hanging at the back booths. Lame. I wondered up to the small, empty merch table and started up a conversation with the nice guy selling stuff. I bought a shirt, hoodie and this black vinyl copy of Two. After talking vinyl for a while, the guy excused himself and got up on stage to start singing. Ok then!

As anyone who collects Cursed vinyl knows, this stuff is pretty limited. This album most of all. There were only 700 pressed on black from Goodfellow Records (a Canadian label of all things) and was never officially repressed. There is a bootleg out there, but fuck that.
I know I mentioned it in my original post for the Three album, but I always get a kick out of the Canadian government Q Factor grant program. To have federal tax dollars pay for the release of a Cursed album and have their stamp on the back cover is just plain weird.
Pretty stark layout with only a single full sized insert. All this black on black is hard on the eyes!
The second copy took me years of procrastinating to finally get. Marcus had offered it to me for what I thought was insane money back a couple years ago. Well after watching just about every fucking copy out there go for $100 or more on ebay or Discogs, I figured I better take him up on the deal before he raised the price or threw it up on ebay. I'm just thankful Marcus has such shitty taste in music and was willing to let it go.
Clear vinyl was limited to 300 copies. Maybe. Goodfellow Records is long gone and never had the best discography to refer to anyways. It's rare. It's in high demand. It's expensive. I'm glad I finally own it.

My Cursed collection is slowly (very slowly) getting there. Just a couple more 7" variants to go and then I can sit back and wait for the dozens of "One"represses to come.

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  1. I'm glad it finally showed up.

    I had no idea this was rare when I bought it. I got it from a local store in the UK. God knows how they ended up getting it in stock in the first place. I probably bought it one day when I fancied purchasing a record and there was nothing else that took my fancy. I didn't know it was on clear until I got it home, and I probably just assumed that they were all on clear for a long time.