Friday, May 10, 2013

Ghost - Infestissumam

I am going off the rails a bit on this one and have decided to post on a metal album. I'm calling it "pulling a Mike Preston". What can I say? It can't be hardcore all the time. To tell the truth I have been collecting metal albums (and tapes) since I was seven years old. While I may have transitioned from metal to thrash and then crossover, I never really stopped with the metal. I have some of the dumbest records in existence on vinyl just to keep collections intact. St Anger anyone?
Well for the last couple years no band in any genre has captured my attention more than Ghost. I have been lucky enough to catch them live a couple times, once opening for Mastodon and the other on their own headlining tour a couple weeks back. Such a good time. One thing though, burly drunk dudes trying to sing along to Ghost is bad news.
Anyway, when word came down a new Ghost album was due, I was all over the internet. Mike and I exchanged emails, I joined Facebook pages, shared links to preview songs like Secular Haze, etc. Once the Canadian pre-order happened, I didn't hesitate. Well yeah, I kind of did. I was pretty bummed about the dumb legal name change to Ghost BC. Still they offered a package where you could score the Secular Haze 10" that previously was only available in Sweden. That sealed it for me.

The domestic version comes as a gatefold on red vinyl. There was some grumbling online that the vinyl was too thin, easily warped and came delivered in cheap mailers resulting in split seams. Mine arrived just fine.

This is the B side label art that caused quite a stir when they tried to put it on the cd. Apparently the pressing plant objected to the scene depicting a satanic witch orgy. Dude, you ain't seen anything yet.

Here is the Secular Haze 10" that came with the package. I dig the Abba cover on the B side.

This is the t-shirt that also was in the pre-order package. The B.C. is still lame. I will probably never wear it. I already have four Ghost t-shirts in regular rotation.

The best news came down a few weeks ago when I read that there was a Swedish/Scandinavian version of the album pressed on high quality clear vinyl that would contain additional deluxe artwork and best yet, would not have the lame B.C. in the name. I found a link to a webstore in Sweden that shipped to Canada and two weeks later - bingo!

The cover is also a gatefold but with an attached artwork book on the right fold. There are full 12"x12" drawings for each of the songs in addition to thank you's and all that.

There is also the dreaded printed inner sleeve with lyrics and the full size artwork of the domestic B side label.

The Swedish version is by far the superior version and I am really glad I ordered it. Drop me an email if you want the link to the place I got it.
As far as the music goes,  this album has really grown on me. Originally I was disappointed there was nothing as catchy as Ritual, but now I think songs like Year Zero and Jigolo Har Megiddo are as good or better. Awesome.


  1. If you are going to be "pulling a Mike Preston", you better at least buy me dinner first.

    I've been on the fence about buying the Swedish version of this in addition to the North American press. The packaging is so much better, and may be worth it to have a version without the Ghost BC name.

  2. Hi Where did you buy he swedish version? Greetings

  3. Hey, bud. Any chance you could get me a link to where you got the Swedish version?