Friday, October 30, 2009

Chain of Strength - True Till Death 7" on clear vinyl

A couple of weeks ago I completed a private deal through the Livewire board for another piece of my Chain Of Strength collection. A Chain of Strength - True Till Death on clear with the regular green sleeve.
I'm not sure if it is the economy or collectors are getting older and starting to unload, but there seems to be a lot more opportunity to finally get records I have been after forever.

I just missed out on a crazy bidding war for a TTD on clear with silver sleeve, but the price was WAYYYY out of control. Not two days later I was able to take the money I saved from not getting it; and in two separate deals I was able to grab this one on clear, a What Holds Us Apart on Mindpower with the rare blue sleeve and another WHUA on First Strike on blue. and have enough left over to buy a Blu-Ray player for Christmas.
Still, I wish I could have scored it.

So back to the record I actually got.

You know the deal, 500 pressed on clear, 300 with regular green sleeves that were given to the band for tour. The remaining 200 have the silver sleeve and a few got out through mail order, but the majority are still at Revelation.

Damn, that clear vinyl is awesome.

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