Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fucked Up - Looking For Gold 12"

I figured since the subtitle of this blog says Punk and Hardcore, I might as well dip my toe in on the punk side. Now lots of people would say Fucked Up is a hardcore band, I just don't see it.

As a Canadian, I am obliged to like the band, no questions asked.
There are so many people here in Calgary who like them outside of the punk scene, I'm pretty sure the government hands out copies of the "Police" 7" to every registered voter.

Out of all their recordings, "Looking For Gold" is the strangest. Side 1 is a 16 minute long song with a 3 1/2 minute drum solo and an extended whistling section to end the song with church bells.

And you wonder why I don't think of Fucked Up as a hardcore band.

On the collector side of things, it is pretty damn hard record to get a hold of. Be prepared to throw down at least $50-$150 to get on ebay, that is if you don't get sniped.

There are two separate presses out there. One with the labels and dust sleeve stamped out of 300 and one without stamps out of 400. Word is that these were pressed for two separate short tours back in 2004. Of course, it was never repressed.

It also comes with a large folded poster/insert. pretty cool.

Being a Fucked Up collector is a whole new level of self torture. 35 releases and counting and that does not include variants or represses.

It's not easy being Canadian.


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  2. Sorry typo in the first one, Not to mention they release stuff in every format that has ever existed

  3. Yeah, I love the 8 track! So cool. I have a Kiss Alive II 8 track signed by Ace Frehley. He looked at me like I had two heads when I asked him to sign it.