Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Converge - Axe To Fall Clear with Color Shards

"...and that's that." - Vinnie, Goodfellas (1990)

This is my third and last post on this album. I promise.
It took five months but I have finally finished off my "Axe to Fall" collection. I now have all 8 versions. The last was of course the rarest and hardest.

Clear with color shards out of 100.

I'm sure I could have been more patient and waited this out. I probably could have bought this for a lot less than I paid on ebay, but hell where is the spoiled brat instant gratification in that?

The funny thing is I won this on ebay off the same guy I bought my ridiculous Comeback Kid - Turn It Around collection and 3/4 of my Have Heart demo 7"s from.

I think I just put this guy through college.


  1. "spoiled brat instant gratification " Ha ha ha.

  2. As much as I hate GZ vinyl, I have to concede that this one looks nice. I'd really like that... although probably without having to pay whatever the going rate is, since I assume it would cost a ton!

  3. You and your hate for GZ. You just refuse to let go my man!

  4. I saw one of these recently go for just over $200 on ebay and thought how high that was for a single LP. Since then the next have gone for $250.

  5. Hey! Do you happen to still have this record)