Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ceremony - Ruined ep

With the pre-order of the new Ceremony lp, "Rohnert Park" going up this week at Bridge Nine, I pulled out their first for a spin; the "Ruined" ep.
It took me a while to get into Ceremony, but once I saw them live, I was hooked.
I have never seen anything like it. Pure chaos. The west coast LOVES Ceremony. Check out some YouTube videos of their live shows sometime. Awesome.

The record was released on Malfunction in 2005 back before Deathwish came along. Like all their other records, especially the "Scared People" 7", Ceremony know how to do a special show record package.

The record release show edition was out of 65 on yellow vinyl. The cover is an awesome vellum overlay of the Dead Kennedy's "Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables" lp.

The other special release for this record was a secret show that Ceremony did with AFI. They did a rip off cover of AFI's "Dork" ep. It was released on the remaining yellow vinyl, but also used the second press black as well. Limited to 37 copies.

"Ruined" also had a number of regular presses as well.

1st press on red out of 200.

1st press of yellow/orange out of 700. There were many different variations from straight yellow to orange. Check the comments from Toast, the bass player from Ceremony, for better details.

The second press was on black vinyl. 1000 total pressed. There are both red and blue lettering/flowers covers for both. Once again, check the comments for more details.

It's funny, I'm 40 years old now, but I still scream along to "I Want to Put This to and End" when I am driving alone in the family car, "I've got problems I'm a fucked up kid."
You are never too old...


  1. Awesome post, and while I'm turning 40 in a few months, I still scream along to that song too. Ha. Those record release pressings look amazing.

  2. all of the pressings are correct. there are 15 test presses. for the second press 100 of the blacks have first pressing covers. -- tru

  3. first press: 200 red, 800 yellow. lots of variants within the yellow, from orangey to pale yellow, so anything "not red" counts as "yellow".

    second press: 1000 black.

    the DK cover was all yellow vinyl, the AFI cover was yellow and black (we ran out at some point while stuffing them, so it makes sense that 36/37 would be black).

    The colors on the cover WERE supposed to indicate first/second pressing, but the plant sent Tru one color and us the other, so Red/Blue are just intermingled randomly between first and second press (note that the record release version has the "second press" cover). It was a cool idea that didn't work, so essentially the colors on the cover mean nothing.

    thanks man, cool blog!

  4. Whoa! It looks like I have some editing to do. Thanks Tre and Toast for clarifying the pressing details. This was one time that HYE? just didn't have a clear enough idea of what was what.
    Oh and Toast? Please try to come back to Calgary on tour! I heard about the Canadian border troubles last time. Fuckers.

  5. Fuck! Sorry Tru, I knew that. My bad.

  6. Hi Doug, nice post! Check this picture I got from a befriended Belgian collector to see many color variations of the RUINED ep: