Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Misfits - Beware

Continuing on with my Misfits buying spree, this one was especially satisfying just because of what I had in place of the real deal for so many years.

Yeah, this.

Back in 1989, Calgary had an import record store called The Attic. They specialized in music no one had ever heard of and certainly you wouldn't see on Much Music. It is the store where I bought way too many Revelation cassette tapes instead of records and where on one fateful day I ran into this piece of shit. Damn! I didn't even know what a bootleg was.

Before the internet, I had no clue what Beware was supposed to look like. It sure wasn't like they were being stocked in the local Sam the Record Man. (sorry - Canadian reference) That day it was either Napalm Death - Scum or Beware. I went with the songs baby!

So ever since I found out what the real deal actually was, it has stuck in my craw that I had this in my collection.

Thankfully, with help from Vinyl Noize and the seller Paul Richard from Adrenaline OD, I now have a honest to goodness, real deal, Beware.

All the tell tale signs are there. The Beware title white goes to the top of the cover, the smoke effect off Jerry Only's shoulder and of course the run off matrix numbers.

Side A Matrix: ARMAGEDDON PLP-009-A2 LYN7721-2T MAX

Side B Matrix: PLP-009-B LYN7722-1T MAX

The cover was surprisingly light and flimsy. I think I creased it by breathing on it. Still, the vinyl is super clean and when I cleaned with my VPI machine it might as well have been new.

Anyone want a red vinyl bootleg?

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  1. I'd be keen on the bootleg, just to have the songs for now.
    What you after for it?