Saturday, February 23, 2013

Beware - Won't Get The Best Of Me

I am fully aware that anyone who reads this blog has had this record in their collection forever, or have posted about it themselves months ago. Well, this isn't so much a late pass as my OCD kicking into overdrive.
Beware's "Won't Get The Best Of Me" was easily in my top 5 hardcore 7"s last year. I think what really hooked me were the vocals having a classic 80's, unique feel to them. Aggressive without the cookie monster growl, if you know what I mean. Let's not forget that musically this is top notch youth crew style hardcore. Like I said, one of the best of the year.
As with any record that I take a great liking to, I have to have all the versions. This one just took a little longer to complete as you people all seem to like the band too. I have never lost out on so many auctions in my life.
So through a combination of web stores, labels and ebay, I was able to cobble this sucker together.

First up is the pre-press version. HYE? swap users have listed that this was made up for either United Blood or This Is Hardcore. I don't know, I wasn't at either. Regardless, there were only 100 of these on blank white labels and hand numbered photocopy sleeves. I got #81. That number signifies absolutely nothing.

Next up is the first press on Back To Back Records. Anyone who collects B2B records knows that shit disappears in about 5 minutes after pre-orders go up.

The pre-order color was purple. This was limited to 100 copies. Needless to say, I got this off ebay.
I should also mention how much I like the color scheme of the vinyl matching the cover. We will see more of that in a bit.

 The first pressing also had black vinyl. I'm not sure how many were pressed. There are some pretty big differences of opinion on the number from people's trade lists. Leave a comment if you know.

Since the first press sold out really, really fast, a second pressing was done once again on Back To Back. This time they changed the color scheme on the cover and offered another limited color to match.
Here is green out of 100.

 Black vinyl was also pressed. There were 350 pressed on black.

A very cool trend right now is for labels to license their stuff out to like minded labels in Europe. Case in point Control Records. Control did an amazing job with the Beware 7". This time around we get red vinyl and cover. Oh, different labels too.
The red vinyl was also limited to 100 and were numbered on the dust sleeve with a cool sticker.

 Finally, Control also had black vinyl available. This was limited to 300 copies. I think you can still get it from their webstore.

 Control also threw in some sweet looking stickers. The Schism rip is bad ass. I wish I wasn't so anal and actually use them, but instead I will just put them back in the record to keep things "complete".


  1. 1st B2B pressing (purple cover)
    Purple /100
    Black /300

    2nd B2B pressing (green cover)
    Green /100
    Black /350

    1st Control pressing (red cover)
    Red /100
    Black /300

  2. I love this record. Band reminds me of a present day Chain of Strength...especially those vocals.

  3. Seems like there's agreement from various angles on the Chain factor of the band. Need to check it out still...

  4. I've actually heard this band. There's a song on the America's Hardcore Vol 2 LP. Every time it comes on I'm convinced I'm listening to some Pat Flynn band because the song sounds like it was taken from the first Have Heart LP to me.

  5. looking for some of this for my collection