Thursday, February 21, 2013

Unbroken - Life. Love. Regret.

I seem to be having some good luck this month knocking off blue vinyl big ticket items from my want list. This time around is one that eluded me for years and years - Unbroken's Life. Love. Regret. 

Two things helped me finally track this down. One, using a snipe program. I never used them before December of last year. I have no idea why not. It's pretty damn easy, doesn't cost anything, and I don't have to be there when the auction ends trying to guess what amount will win it.
Two, finally having the resolve to make a big move. I had to get it through my thick skull that this wasn't going to come cheap. Just man the fuck up and do it.

Well I thought I had the perfect auction to win this. The seller didn't mention blue vinyl in the title or show the vinyl in the picture. You had to go into the description to find it. Perfect. If there was any time to try and win one, this would be it. Maybe people wouldn't bother to open the description since it looked kind of regular. Not that black vinyl of this record sells for cheap either, but still.
I held off posting the record on Vinyl Noize and pleaded with Marcus to do the same (I knew he had one already). I bided my time, kept an eye on the bids (or lack thereof) made a bold snipe final price and won it. 

The only thing was it sold for lot of money. Like third highest final price of all time according to popsike and Collectors Frenzy! So much for flying under the radar.

Still, I have no regrets. This is one of my favorite records not just from the 90's but of all time. The blue vinyl looks awesome. It's hard to believe that there are 500 of these out there when you consider the cost and how infrequently they show up. Well here is one that isn't going anywhere. Done.

The inserts are the same from the first and second press. I like the separate lyric sheet and tri-fold color insert. It just screams the 90's, doesn't it?

 I wish I looked this cool back then. I didn't. At all.


  1. And what if there are two sniping-programs on the same auction?

  2. Depending on when you set your bid to be made, highest max bid wins.

  3. Good album, had a chance to stay with these guys in San Diego back around 94/95. They were always good to us in Canada when they played here.