Friday, October 22, 2010

Youth of Today - Break Down the Walls : Posi Numbers Fest version

There was a Canadian documentary released about a decade ago called "Vinyl". For the most part it was about lonely, sad, pretty much insane, single men who collected huge quantities of crap records to fill a void in their lives where interactions with people failed. It is the scariest damn movie I have ever seen. I highly recommend it.
There was one particular scene that struck me. Collectors were justifying the size of their collections by stating that they had accumulated so many records only because it was a simple matter of fact that every collector would have the same records.
"Doesn't everyone have 60 Miles Davis albums?"

That is how I feel about Youth of Today record collecting. I have eight different versions of "Break Down the Walls". Now to my wife and non-collecting friends, that is insane. I am one step away from the crazy dudes in "Vinyl".
To hardcore record collectors, they would ask where the other four are.

The latest version I picked up is a rare one. The Posi Fest 2002 edition.

This record was only available at the fest and sold out in roughly 35 seconds. There were only 60 of these silk screen covers made up for it. I think we can safely say it was a big hit. The price of these are pretty nuts these days, as it is considered outside of the red and blue vinyl Wishingwell versions, the rarest Youth of Today record.

The vinyl used is the remixed 1997 version on white vinyl which is the "final" press. According to the Revelation pressing website, there were 440 total of the white press. More likely 500 and 60 were used for this.
See that? I used math.

The record came with the standard 1997 repress insert. Kind of a mess and very hard on the eyes.

As satisfying as it is to finally have this, I am only more compelled to search out the remaining ones I don't have.
Damn, maybe I am just like the guys in "Vinyl".


  1. Goddamnit this is a good one to have. One of the only limited Rev items that I am missing outside of the original 10 releases. Got outbid on ebay once about three years ago. I think I bid like $61 and it went for $62. Something like that.I imagine it goes for a whole lot more than that now.

    By the way, this was a very well written and funny post. Well done!

  2. I passed on buying one of these at Posi Fest because i thought it was ridiculous to have a limited YOT record for sale simply because Porcell's new band was playing it's first show. And i still think it's ridiculous. I remember being out in the parking lot as the Rev people unloaded their car and kids started swarming the area. When these LP's came out you just saw everyone's eyes light up. Maybe i should've picked one up.

  3. Shaun, I must have been standing right next to you because I remember them unloading as well. This was during the approx 7-year break I took from collecting so I didn't even think of buying one at the time. Until reading this post I didn't realize these were sought after. Damn.