Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat lp

Oh, hi there.
Sorry it has been so long between posts. The holiday season merged into family vacation and then I came home to a shit storm at work and I'm still trying to catch up. There is some light at the end of the tunnel here so I figured now would be a good time to get back at it.

So, one of the records waiting for me when I got home was this one, Supertouch - "The Earth Is Flat".

This is the second time I have owned this record. The first time I was way too immature and "hardcore" or metal to get into it. I remember exactly what I was thinking 22 odd years ago when I first heard "Engine", the lead track off the album:

"What the fuck is this? Where is Searching For The Light?"

I guess I was the guy who thought Searching was the best song off the Revelation "The Way It Is" comp and that anything by Supertouch that wasn't Searching Part 2, 3, 4 or 5 was pretty much going to suck. I dumped the record immediately.

Well, in time with more post hardcore bands like Statue and Quicksand slowly making an impression on me to go along with my early 90's grunge phase, I was ready to try again. Just not that soon. It just wasn't that high on my radar anymore.

I kept an eye on the Revhq store and literally this album was available forever. Of course by the time I finally made a move to buy it, it was gone. Maybe it was the fact it was never repressed as it took forever to sell out the first time, but this sucker started getting expensive over the years on the secondary market. Like crazy expensive for something I was only willing to spend $10 on.

Finally, just before Christmas, I broke down and bought a copy off GEMM. It didn't cost much and now I can finally say I have it again.

The rev discography site says there were 3015 pressed one time, all on black vinyl. Nothing much more to say than that. Listening to it now, I can appreciate what the band were going for (especially at the time) but damn, it kind of sounds like Mother Love Bone!

On a side note, I would like to thank everyone out there that reads this blog. I just saw that I have an even 100 followers or readers or members that bothered to push a button on get their icon on the side of my page. (I'm sorry I really don't know how any of this works!) Anyways, thanks.
To paraphase Dirk Diggler, "I promise to keep rockin' and rollin' and make better posts. We can always do better. I'm going to keep trying if you guys keep trying. Let's keep rockin' and rollin' man."