Friday, December 6, 2013

The Abused - Loud and Clear 7"

The last of my record sell off money has been spent, but it was well worth it. I was able to upgrade my Vertigo swirl Black Sabbath Paranoid album and with the rest, score this little number right here.
When it comes to early NYHC, The Abused's Loud and Clear 7" is right there with Agnostic Front's United Blood ep, Bad Brains' Pay to Cum 7" (yeah - D.C. first, I know) and Antidote's Thou Shalt Not Kill for sheer history and collect-ability.

This record has been near the top of my want list for years, but was hard to commit to due to the escalating price and difficulty in finding one in top condition.
Luckily, this one popped up on ebay with the always advantageous "US Bidders Only" condition. Nothing better than sellers who eliminate half the market right off the start. Plus we all know how Euros throw the money around. This was easy pickings.
I just dropped my main man in all things metal and generic youth crew hardcore Mike an email and set up for him to be the shipping address. I have to say, things worked out great. I won the auction, had the record shipped to Maine in two days, and then had Mike mail it on to me. Three weeks later, touchdown.

This copy is super clean. I don't know if it had ever been played before. There isn't even one spindle mark on the label.

This copy comes complete with the two sided insert. Once again, this is in great shape, if not folded a bit funny.

It never fails that once I buy a super rare expensive record, a repress or reissue is released right around the same time. I see a 12" was just released on Radio Raheem Records recently that includes this 7", their demo and some live tracks. Do I regret spending a ton of dough on an original pressing when a comprehensive compilation is now available? Come on man, what do you think?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

K-Tel Superstar Game

"The Original Rock and Roll Music Game"
Before my first Kiss 8-Track, before my first Black Sabbath lp, and before my first Rush cassette tape  - there was the K-Tel Superstar game.
This board game was my earliest exposure to music and as a part of it, was hands down the first record I ever owned.

Released back in 1973, this board game explored the fascinating world of rock music where you progress from buying your first instrument and forming your first band to eventually releasing gold albums and running record labels.
The spots you would land on were hilarious stereotypes of rock star behaviour including "Swindled by Phoney Guru", "Manager runs off with money. Lose $50,000" and "Collect $50,000 for Las Vegas tour...Pay $60,000 for gambling." It was 1973, I'm sure Led Zeppelin did all this and more.

Yeah, those are gold albums bitch!

The best, and I mean best, part of the game was the 45 record that was integral to the game. On certain spots on the board, you would record and release an album.  You had to fire up your record player and drop the needle anywhere on the record to see if your record was a hit, a flop or if you broke even.

The record was really awesome as it was kind of locked or parallel grooved. Where you dropped it would repeat your fate and run out to the end. It didn't repeat over and over forever like a locked groove though. I don't know how it works, but it is freaking awesome.

Check the original commercial out. Family fun!

Do yourself a favor, spend $10 less on your 15th variant of some random band you won't listen to in 5 years and check this sucker out on ebay. 40 years later and I'm still digging it.