Thursday, April 29, 2010

Modern Life Is War - "The End Is Here" last show box set

Almost two years to the day that Modern Life Is War had their final show and released this set, I finally have one in my hands!
The frenzy that accompanied this release from anyone who wasn't at the show or didn't get one was insane. Anyone who tried to flip one on ebay was bashed mercilessly and had people mess with the action, making it unsellable. Those that did sell went in the $1000 range.
Well with time and patience, I was able to get one and didn't pay through the nose for it.

I have to say, it is a pretty nice package considering it is a screened mailer box!

The set consists of their s/t 7" and all three of their lps. There is also a set of pictures, a reproduction of the final gig poster, a pin and a set of handwritten liner notes by the singer chronicling the four releases and the end of the band.

There were 65 sets made up in total. The numbering corresponds with the back of the box and on each of the inner sleeves.

As far as the vinyl itself goes, there is only one really collectible piece.
The "Witness" lp was specially pressed on clear blue vinyl for the set. I guess that makes it out of 65.
The remained of the vinyl used for the set was the most readily available or current at the time.

S/T 7" is on white vinyl. Thousands pressed. This one has a brown streak in it. I don't think it matters.

My Love. My Way. lp. Lifeline repress on black/gold swirl vinyl out of 1200.

Midnight In America lp. Second press of 1000.

Big shout outs to the guy I bought this off of. Very cool guy who packaged it like it was fine art. Not a scratch on the box, which if we are being honest, is the selling feature here. Just awesome.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Converge - You Fail Me (Limited Version w/ Screened Covers)

Once upon a time (about 11 days ago), Deathwish Records decided to release 101 leftover copies of Converge's "You Fail Me" lp on a very unsuspecting hardcore world. These records were made up with special silk screened covers created by Jake Bannon himself.
The records were from two leftover vinyl colors from the original pressing six years ago. Has it really been that long?

Seven minutes later, the first variant was gone. Four minutes after that, it was all over.

Thanks to the power of Twitter and message boards, 101 records were gone in 11 minutes and left 95% of the Converge collecting community scratching their heads when they found out what happened.

Luckily, I have a desk job.
Luckily, I also have friends who live on twitter and have desk jobs.
Thanks to my buddy Al who got the news, and a quick email later, I jumped online and got both.

Red w/ Black stripe vinyl. 21 with silk screened covers. The original pressing was out of 642.

Inside cover is stamped. Converge on the red/black.

Clear/White cross vinyl. 80 with silk screened covers. The original pressing was 895.

Inside cover is stamped with the Deathwish logo.

As cool as these look, they look even better in person. The covers when opened up form the whole picture. Amazing. All this and a Deathwish sticker too.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Bane - Boston 6:58 PM : United Blood 2010

Just a quick entry this time around. Triple B Records had some leftover United Blood merch and put it up in their webstore.
As I am a sucker for all things Bane, I jumped at the chance to get this despite the fact I was not at United Blood and it most likely makes me look like a poser.
Oh well. I just can't get enough of this release so really what's one more?

Limited to 100 with the United Blood cover.

It isn't so much a sleeve as a single sided 7x7 insert. Nice touch with the "B" for Bane done in the BBB style.

The one I got used the red vinyl out of 700.

I'm stoked Bane is coming back to Calgary this summer opening for Strike Anywhere. If all goes well, maybe I can get a tour version of this as well. Keep em coming!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Hope Conspiracy - File .03

Generally, I don't like cover tunes. Not just in the punk/hardcore genre but with all music. 99% of the time after hearing one, I just want to listen to the original and wonder why they bothered.

Of course, unless it it The Hope Conspiracy covering "Treason" by Naked Raygun.

While the first song off the File 03 seven inch is "No Love Goes Unpunished", it is "Treason" that I drop the needle on. This song is just fierce.

File 03 is one of my favorite collectible records out there. Bridge Nine did an amazing job with this release. Four different versions each more elaborate than the next with the most rare version downright impossible to find. The pressing numbers for the rare versions are downright offensive!

Two song, one sided 7" on clear vinyl with a black silk screened B side. 150 pressed. Just beautiful.

Two song, one sided on solid maroon vinyl with the same image as the clear vinyl etched on to the B side. 500 pressed. It's hard to pick up in the picture but trust me, it's there.

Two song, one sided on black vinyl with the same etched B side. 1500 pressed. Obviously, this is the common version of the record.

Lastly, and by far the rarest and coolest, four song, two sided on black vinyl. 100 pressed and numbered.

They used a date stamper so all the numbers begin with "Jan" for January. I have #19.

The additional songs on the B side are "Failure" and "Nervous Breakdown". Failure is available on the Hope Conspiracy/Suicide File Dead Man's Hand Vol 1 split on Deathwish. Nervous Breakdown is from the "Black on Black" Black Flag covers series that Initial released.
At least the songs are available elsewhere, or else this would be far more valuable than it is.

Surprisingly, you if you have the patience you can get this record for a very reasonable price. The 2 sided and the clear don't show up often, but when they do they go for under $50 according to popsike and collector frenzy. Not bad at all.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Down to Nothing - All My Sons 7"

Well color me surprised. Not that this record showed up in the mail today, but that Down to Nothing is still a band!
I saw them play at Sound and Fury in 2007 and they absolutely killed. Definitely a highlight of the weekend. I proceeded to hit the jackpot and bought a sealed copy of "The Most" from the band merch table as the Rev table was selling 2nd press Purple Orange split lps, I got home and found myself with a rare first press green and blue split with white splatter. For $8.

Getting back to Down to Nothing, I think signing with Reaper Records is a perfect marriage for them as I find everything on the label is produced very slick and loud and most of the bands sound like Terror. Well, this new record sounds like Terror. Well, that or Hatebreed. This record is mosh city. A bit slower, lots of breakdowns, and nothing but growl. I dig it.
Seriously though, wtf do I know? I think all tough guy hardcore sounds like "Live for This".

As for the vinyl, there were two versions available. Both are on black vinyl.

Pre-order version out of 300. All black and white cover, different picture, different b-side label.

Regular version. Probably a hell of a lot pressed. Color cover. Color b-side label with different picture.

Good two sided black and white insert. Nice to see David Wood still flying the straight edge flag.

I thought this was kind of weird. Inside my pre-order copy was a pack of Reaper/Trapped Under Ice trading cards. Collect them all?

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unit Pride - Then and Now

Time to dig deep into the collection since I really don't have anything coming in the near future.
That's cool though because I love to post on really awesome and criminally underrated bands and records. Case in point, Unit Pride - Then and Now 7".

Unit Pride weren't around long, only really releasing this record and a split with Cornerstone on Lost and Found. (Really, I don't know if that counts knowing the track record of that label.)

Musically, this is really cool west coast early 80's style youth crew hardcore. You can hear the Crippled Youth/Bold/Youth of Today influences. Actually this record at one time was rumored to be released by Revelation. Unit Pride would have been a perfect fit with the Rev bands at the time. Plenty of posi vibe as you can see with the back cover.

As far as the vinyl goes, this was originally released on Step Forward Records out of Arizona. All on black vinyl.

It has been repressed by different labels over the years. First, still as a 7" on Point Blank Records. 1000 on clear gold. This version is just as collectible and is regularly mistaken as the original pressing. Then recently, it was reissued as a 12" on Mankind Records. It also included their demo.
But you know me, first press is best and that is the one I am sticking with!

It's unfortunate that Unit Pride doesn't get more recognition. They kind of end up being a footnote in hardcore history, mainly because of the bands the singer would end up in. Eric would go on to Redemption 87, Nerve Agents and Said Radio. At least one of the guys in the band ended up on Revelation!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Mindset - Time & Pressure

Let the Music Do the Talking.

That's all I could think of when I sat down to write up something about the new Mindset 7". Sometimes there are no words to describe how much you like a record or band. I have been looking for new bands to follow since Have Heart and The First Step broke up. Mindset is right at the top of the list.
"Time and Pressure" isn't going to win Mindset any accolades for originality. That's exactly what I want from them. No frills, tried and true, youth crew hardcore. Period.

Of course since this was released on React! Records, everything is of the highest quality and pressed in ridiculously low numbers!

White/200. Available only through the React webstore pre-order. For about 3 minutes. (I can see you all nodding) There is no time for snoozing when Aram does a pre-order.


Black/900. That is a higher number than usual for Aram to press, but with the growing popularity of the band and label, these numbers should not have to require a second press like REALPOWER did. Maybe.

Of course there are also a ton of extras thrown in including a beautiful 2 sided insert/lyric sheet, full size color poster, and the usual React goodies. Nice sticker!

There is a record release press on yellow out there as well as the inevitable React Showcase press that will be happening this weekend. I would love to say I will be there, but that isn't in the cards for this old man. I guess I have some ebay-ing to do.