Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Youth Of Today - Break Down The Walls: Wishing Well 2nd Press

In my never ending quest to collect all the Youth Of Today vinyl I can find, I FINALLY got my hands on a copy of the second pressing of Break Down The Walls on Wishingwell.

For whatever reason, this was harder for me to obtain that the uber-rare, expensive and highly sought after red and blue vinyl versions of this record. True, I had a friend who sold me the red and blue copies in one shot privately so it didn't involve too much leg work. Still, I have seen a few reds and blues pop up on ebay before this sucker. Maybe I was just not looking at the right time.

I have no idea how many were pressed. They are all on black vinyl.

The new yellow and black color scheme is consistent through the cover, back, insert and labels as well. I really like it a lot.

Normally when I finally get something I was after for such a long time, I feel a bit of a let down that the chase is over. Not this time. Still charged up.
I'm going to keep this good feeling going and go watch Sons Of Anarchy. Opie shot Clay last week and I have to see how it turns out. I owe the wife dinner if he dies. The lesson as always is stay away from drugs. That Galindo cartel has been nothing but bad news for the club!


  1. *Spoiler Alert!* I just finished watching season 3...jerk. Ha!

    Oh yeah, and YOT is always a good score.

  2. This is my favorite colour scheme for this record. So rad.

  3. I think there were 500 pressed of these. The WW did that pressing in a hurry to try and milk the release a bit more just before Cappo took the plates away from them and had the REV reissue the LP

  4. I got one of these WAYYYY back in 1993. It was the first piece of YOT vinyl I acquired. The funny thing was, back then before the internerd, I never knew anyone else who had a WW copy. Every other copy I ever saw was a Rev copy. So anyway, it wasn't until probably 2001 or something that I found out that the blue sleeve even existed.

  5. The legend about the 2nd press of breakdown the walls goes like this. The 1st press sold out then they received the 2nd press the day of a show that they were doing someplace in the north east. There were a bunch of copies sold at the show. Then for some reason the box with the other copies were but on the hood of the van which was running to to warm it up. So there for 85 percent of the 2nd press melted on the hood of the van.. Thats is the story, and that Ladies and Gents is the mystery behind the Wishing Well 2nd press of Break Down The Walls…I also believe that there is no more then 50 in existence...