Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mindset - Liveset lp

"Where the fuck were you 12 years ago?" - Ev, Mindset
"Right here son. Right here." - Doug W.

Those of you that have heard the album will get that joke!

I was one happy/relieved dude to see that the new Mindset lp had finally arrived safe and sound at my door yesterday. After an unfortunate set of circumstances, Upside Down Records was able to finish and deliver the Liveset lp and I have to say it looks and sounds great. All the b.s. about the delays just melts away once you drop the needle. It's nice to see it is also a dead issue now on the React! board.

The most important thing about this record is how good the recording is. I really wasn't expecting too much from an all ages gig sound board recording, (this isn't The Song Remains The Same) but everything is very clear and mixed well.

While listening to the record, I had to wonder how old the crowd was at this show. The between song banter by Ev was everything you would expect from a youth crew posi hardcore band; positive messages about the scene, unity and friendship, shout outs to other band members and VIPs in the crowd and a just a touch of name dropping for scene points.
However, another thing I heard is that some of the talking also seems to come off a bit like a history lesson - which I like. Hardcore is one of the only music scenes that reveres and celebrates the past, not eat it alive without acknowledging any influences.

As for the vinyl, three colors were pressed in ridiculously low numbers.

The rarest is clear gold out of 110.

The next color is white out of 220.

Lastly, black vinyl also out of 220.

The cover has a really cool 60's vibe with a lot of information on the cover, thereby negating the need for an insert or printed inner sleeve. I think it looks sharp.

The gold vinyl is long gone, but you can still pick up both white and black vinyl at the Upside Down Records webstore. At $10, you can't go wrong!

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