Saturday, February 19, 2011

Remission - Winds of Promise 7"

As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. Or maybe you have a life and didn't notice at all. Either way is fine.
To tell the truth, there hasn't been much rolling in lately. The stuff I have been buying is so generic no one would care anyway so I haven't been posting it. The stuff I was excited about never showed up and I am tired of fighting with flakes and assholes.

So it makes me happy to say that at least I have this ripper of a new record brought to us from our reliable, trustworthy friends at React! Records.

Remission have got the melodic heartfelt posi-core down. Yeah sure they sound a lot like Verbal Assault but damn, more bands should. It's a formula I love and let's face it - we hardcore folk love our formula!

If there is any complaint at all it is that the record is just too damn short. Three near perfect songs with my favorite being the title track, "Winds of Promise". As always, it's better to be left wanting more.

The rarest (for now) color that was available with the pre-order was baby blue out of 200.

The next color is clear blue out of 300.

Finishing up is the most "common" color black out of 400.

As with all React! releases the quality is there with a nice printed inside cover with the lyrics, pictures and thank you's.

The record also comes with the standard issue React! posi insert (this one on humility, which is really well done) and a sticker. All in all another excellent release.

Now all I need is the yet to be dropped rare color out of 100 that we all know is coming. Back off, I want one first!


  1. Don't forget the transition!

  2. Yeah dude, the transition. You know, that blue one with an atom of black in it.

  3. MCS- totally dude you got me. Love seeing grown men whine like children over vinyl. To you and the rest of the world: don't buy it if you don't want it.