Saturday, October 27, 2012

Striving Higher - This Is Hardcore

Oh, hello. Long time no see.
I have to be honest, I forgot for a few weeks there that this blog even exists. I have been pushing out 20-30 posts a month on Vinyl Noize and that seems to be eating up most of my computer time. I guess it's just easier to talk about other people's records.
On the positive side, I actually have a few records that should be coming in that may be worth posting about. Fingers crossed, there may be some actual content in the future.

So a few weeks back, (or was it a few months? Who knows?) an update was sent out from Six Feet Under Records that leftover copies of the This Is Hardcore 2012 press of the Striving Higher comp were put up in the webstore. I was looking at buying the Wolf Whistle MA Glory 7" so I figured it would be cool to grab this as well.
For being quite sparse, I quite like this layout. A glued on photo taken from the back page of the insert booklet on untreated cardboard. It's different enough from the original to stand out.
Plus I never had the black vinyl of this comp either, so win/win!

Here is a close up of the back cover design. If it is a stamp, damn, it sure turned out great. No smearing at all.

I like that the threw in the Blacklisted flexi like they did with the regular versions that came out earlier. It would have been very easy to just leave it out as this was a fest press. On the other hand, I will never play this. Flexi's can fuck up your stylus needle pretty bad.

The same full size booklet as the original press was thrown in as well. These are such a great touch. I have loved huge inserts ever since the Peace/War comp.

I was pleasantly surprised and happy to get this SFU poster thrown in. I can't recall if it was included in the regular Striving Higher comp, but I dig it. Obviously it is a "tribute" or homage to the Revelation Records posters of their current discography at the time. I threw up a picture of the Rev one I have for comparison.

The last I checked, there were still copies of this available. Check it out. Well worth the $15 in my opinion.

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