Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Wolf Whistle - MA Glory

In my feeble attempt to keep up with the kids and new (new-ish?) bands I decided to jump at the Wolf Whistle - MA Glory 7" when it was released. Except I didn't. For whatever reason, I thought it would be a good idea to go for the more "exotic" versions of the record instead of the ones Six Feet Under Records had up for preorder. Now I am playing catch up again. Great.

I guess most people are down with Wolf Whistle by this point. They may not be breaking new ground, but what they do is tight. Fast, raging hardcore venturing on power violence. There are worse things in the world than sounding like Infest. I love Infest. 
People were initially attracted to the band because of who was singing. I guess that's kind of unavoidable not to name drop the biggest band of the 2000's. So anyways, Pat Flynn sounds like Pat Flynn, but this definitely doesn't sound like Have Heart.
The band released a couple raw demos a few years back. The first one is near impossible to find on vinyl, but the second one on Triple B Records was pretty easy to track down. I only have the second press of that one, so hand me a late pass. Again. At least I'm doing a little better with MA Glory.

First up is the Sound & Fury 2012 sleeve version. I guess these didn't sell out at the festival, so Six Feet Under made the leftovers available through their webstore. At first glance they don't look too different from the regular cover except for the black border and the color contrast with the regular cover. Not too sure how many of these were made up.

It looks like they used the common solid blue vinyl from the regular first press.

Of course once I got this version, I wanted the others so I made a SFU order and picked up the common solid blue. Somehow I missed the clear blue version out of 250 that is still available. Doh! The most rare version, black vinyl is long gone. The way ebay is these days, maybe I can find one for about $160. 

A big difference with the regular sleeve compared to the S&F version is that it is printed on the inside with lyrics and credits. Download code comes with it as well. Good stuff.

One day I was checking out the Vinyl Collective board and saw a post that MA Glory would be released on cassette from Working Man Records. If I'm not mistaken, Working Man is a label run by the bass player in the band. Regardless, I jumped at the chance of scoring one. There were very limited numbers made and this green one was limited to 50 copies.

 There were different color cassette tapes made as well. A red one limited to 20, which was a label exclusive; a clear with blue stripe out of 30 which was a band exclusive, and these green ones. All 100 of the tapes sold out quickly, but there is a "second press" up now on white out of 50. Act fast and all that.
Damn, I love cassettes.

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  1. I never understood the difference with the Sound & Fury version when I see it on eBay. Now, thanks to you, I know : the black border ! Damn, it's nice.

    I also write about my Wolf Whistle 7" and tape on my blog last month :