Saturday, November 24, 2012

Ceremony - He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings : S&F 2011

Two weeks ago, I never knew this existed.

I used to pride myself on my knowledge of pressings, colors, variants and all things nerd when it came to hardcore record collecting. This goes double for bands and records I actually love. Well as it turns out I suck.
It's not often when I am surprised about seeing something on ebay. Sure, I can raise an eyebrow when there is a super rare and expensive record that pops up once every few years, but at least I knew it existed. When I saw this Sound and Fury 2011 version of  the Ceremony - He-god-Has Favored Our Undertakings 7", I did a double take. Then I proceeded to to try to win it at all costs. Damn, a Ceremony record I didn't know about. I feel shame.
The funny thing is I still don't know much about it at all.

The band used the common grey color that was out of 700. I guess there were leftovers.

The sleeves are hand numbered on the back bottom corner. I got #5, so either there weren't many done up or I got a low number. Either way, cool.

There was no regular sleeve that came with this like a lot of other alternate cover pressings. Maybe it was like that for all of them, who knows? At least for this copy, the foldover white cover is all that you get. No download code, no insert. No frills.

My only defence when it comes to my ignorance with the existence of this record is that Ceremony used a 2008 two song 7" for a festival three years later. I didn't get the memo.

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