Saturday, February 15, 2014


I guess the reality is if I am going to keep this going, it might have turn into a metal blog. Looking back over the last few months of posts, I think it already has. Whatever. It is what it is.

I don't think there would be any debate that the awesome/scary/sad/horrifying/amazing documentary "Last Daze Here" documenting the history and comeback of Bobby Liebling and Pentagram did more to promote the band than the previous 30 plus years of music ever did. The movie opened the band to a whole new audience and moved the already massive doom metal resurgence forward in a big way.

I knew of Pentagram from the Peaceville records from the early 90's and the later compilations. My favourite was always "Relentless". Easily the best collection of songs the band ever did. While watching the doc, within the first 5 minutes they show this amazing self titled Pentagram album. Purple text on a black cover. What the hell?  For the rest of the movie I was hung up on that record and made it my mission to find out more. After 3 minutes on the internet, it turns out that Relentless is actually a reissue of this original self released album. That did it. I needed one.
Well, that is a lot easier said than done. This damn thing is so hard to find. One thing I promised myself was that if one ever showed up on Discogs, GEMM, Music Stack or eBay, I was going for it. Condition be damned.
When it finally popped up around a month ago on ebay, I entered a ridiculous max bid. I mean stupid. There was no way I was going to lose. I was a little put off by the cover's condition but fuck it, when would be the next chance to get one?

I have to say, it is in a lot better shape seeing it in person. The small creases and seam wear is there but not that bad. The worst thing on the cover is some price sticker damage in the upper right corner. It's really not too bad for a stoner rock/doom metal album from 1985.
On the other hand the vinyl is dead mint. Shockingly so. I dropped the needle and it was quieter than most of the new albums I have bought recently.

This was a big a score from my want list. I'm just thankful no one challenged me for it. That could have been bad!


  1. Fuck...fuck...fuck...I want this! It is like bugs crawling under my skin, and I've got to scratch them out!

  2. Wow this is awesome. Also metal, punk whatever just write on here more if you can! One of my fav. blogs.