Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Unit Pride - Then and Now

Time to dig deep into the collection since I really don't have anything coming in the near future.
That's cool though because I love to post on really awesome and criminally underrated bands and records. Case in point, Unit Pride - Then and Now 7".

Unit Pride weren't around long, only really releasing this record and a split with Cornerstone on Lost and Found. (Really, I don't know if that counts knowing the track record of that label.)

Musically, this is really cool west coast early 80's style youth crew hardcore. You can hear the Crippled Youth/Bold/Youth of Today influences. Actually this record at one time was rumored to be released by Revelation. Unit Pride would have been a perfect fit with the Rev bands at the time. Plenty of posi vibe as you can see with the back cover.

As far as the vinyl goes, this was originally released on Step Forward Records out of Arizona. All on black vinyl.

It has been repressed by different labels over the years. First, still as a 7" on Point Blank Records. 1000 on clear gold. This version is just as collectible and is regularly mistaken as the original pressing. Then recently, it was reissued as a 12" on Mankind Records. It also included their demo.
But you know me, first press is best and that is the one I am sticking with!

It's unfortunate that Unit Pride doesn't get more recognition. They kind of end up being a footnote in hardcore history, mainly because of the bands the singer would end up in. Eric would go on to Redemption 87, Nerve Agents and Said Radio. At least one of the guys in the band ended up on Revelation!


  1. Great 7". I still never got around to picking up the gold one too, although I have had it on my want list forever.

    Also love Redemption 87 and the Nerve Agents, but never heard Said Radio. Are they any good?

  2. Said Radio are pretty rad. I like them because as a rabid Ceremony fan, Anthony is in the band. The only bad part? All cd - all the time. No vinyl.

  3. I've got the gold vinyl pressing, but have never got around to picking up the original press. Awesome band...hell, anything that Eric touches is gold.

  4. Also, I love that even though you don't have new records coming in, that you are still pulling stuff from your collection to post about.