Friday, April 9, 2010

Down to Nothing - All My Sons 7"

Well color me surprised. Not that this record showed up in the mail today, but that Down to Nothing is still a band!
I saw them play at Sound and Fury in 2007 and they absolutely killed. Definitely a highlight of the weekend. I proceeded to hit the jackpot and bought a sealed copy of "The Most" from the band merch table as the Rev table was selling 2nd press Purple Orange split lps, I got home and found myself with a rare first press green and blue split with white splatter. For $8.

Getting back to Down to Nothing, I think signing with Reaper Records is a perfect marriage for them as I find everything on the label is produced very slick and loud and most of the bands sound like Terror. Well, this new record sounds like Terror. Well, that or Hatebreed. This record is mosh city. A bit slower, lots of breakdowns, and nothing but growl. I dig it.
Seriously though, wtf do I know? I think all tough guy hardcore sounds like "Live for This".

As for the vinyl, there were two versions available. Both are on black vinyl.

Pre-order version out of 300. All black and white cover, different picture, different b-side label.

Regular version. Probably a hell of a lot pressed. Color cover. Color b-side label with different picture.

Good two sided black and white insert. Nice to see David Wood still flying the straight edge flag.

I thought this was kind of weird. Inside my pre-order copy was a pack of Reaper/Trapped Under Ice trading cards. Collect them all?


  1. I LOVED The Most...could not get enough of it. I was surprised last week to learn that they were releasing a new 7 inch. If this record is produced "slick" and sound like Terror or Hatebreed, I'm going to need to listen to this before I buy it, because that review does not sell me on it. Are those A side labels an early REV rip off?

  2. hahahaha i want tui trading cards!!! wtf. and mike this 7" owns.

  3. Those labels are a take on the first Warzone 7".