Monday, July 5, 2010

Cap'n Jazz - Analphabetapolothology lp

Hello, my name is Doug and I buy 90's emo records.

Back in the dark 1990's, I was a full on banana at heart (I just couldn't buy into the look). I loved the whole backpack and cardigan wearing sensitive male, breaking down crying, emo/screamo "hardcore" that everyone who didn't have Floorpunch tattoos did. I'm just man enough to admit it!

Cap'n Jazz was a very polarizing band. Love or hate. Very little middle ground. Back then my love for this band and the rotation it held in my car stereo actually dictated who would drive with me on road trips or gig runs.
My friend Shawn drove with me from Calgary to Vancouver as my only passenger out of a group of 5 because I was playing nothing but Cap'n Jazz, Still Life, Embassy, Navio Forge and Indian Summer. 12 hours of emo on the way to see the Sex Pistols reunion tour for god's sake! Good times!
I just might break out the Cap'n Jazz at Shawn's bachelor party next month. Aram will love that...

When I saw that the Cap'n Jazz discography (I'm not typing the title again) was finally going to be released on vinyl for the first time (It has been on cd since '98.) I jumped on it despite the hefty price tag. What can I say? I love that Kinsella magic!

The vinyl is (was) available as a first pressing of 2500. 300 on white and 2200 on black. The white sold out from Jade Tree's online store in less than a day. Luckily, I was able to get one.
Oddly, the next day there was a clear version out of 200 available. Whatever. I'm good.

The packaging is really very nice with a full color gatefold sleeve.

It also comes with a huge 8 page insert booklet as well.

One curious thing, the cd of this had a total of 34 songs. This double lp only has 24. I guess they didn't want to go all out and release a triple lp to cover everything. To tell you the truth, the lp and two 7"s are here and that is really that is all you need. Some of their compilation tracks just sucked. "90210 theme" or "Winter Wonderland" anyone?

For kicks here is the Cap'n Jazz 28 word title lp that I have no patience to write out (let's just say it starts with burritos.) that is the primary reason to buy the discography. It has also been called the Shmap'n Shmazz lp from the a side label. This sucker was out of print, rare and expensive back in 1995. A couple years ago one sold for $275. These days $70 will do it.

I would have taken pictures of their 7"s that I own, but I just can't be that bothered. Oh Messy Life...


  1. 2200 on black!? Glad I got the clear. Didn't realize the numbers were that high. Thanks

  2. Man, that drive was alot of fun! I remember the one break from 90's emo was when we were feeling tired in the middle of the night and put on Earth Crisis "Fire Storm" and rocked the fuck out!! I think we followed that up with Rage Against The Machine.... and then put on the emo again.