Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Integrity - To Die For "Red" 2nd press

As promised from the good folks at A389 Recordings (Dom from Pulling Teeth's label), the second press of Integrity's "To Die For" album has finally arrived. This went up for pre-order back when there was snow on the ground, so I am pretty happy to finally have it in my hands.

Just like the first press earlier this year, Dwid designed the theme of the vinyl to follow a specific Manson Family girl. The first press was based on Sandra Good and her nickname "Blue". (My write up of that one can be found here) This time around we have Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme. Guess what Squeaky's nickname was? (Well - in addition to "Squeaky".)

Once again, the record was released on a 10". 500 pressed on clear red vinyl.
The two presses are very similar as they have the exact same A & B side labels with the only difference being the color.

The insert is once again a picture of Squeaky Fromme and Sandra Good together. No liner notes, lyrics or thank yous. At least this time they have their clothes on.

The first press of 500 sold out extremely fast. This one sold just as well, as almost all of them were gone with the pre-order. Checking the A389 webstore, you can still get a copy but only through the "Rarities Vault". Jump on it while you can. Oh and the record crushes, but we knew that already.

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