Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Misfits - Evilive 7"

You know, for the last 22 years, I was perfectly happy and content with my lousy Misfits record collection. I had a 4th press Walk Among Us, a third press Legacy of Brutality, good old regular mall bought copies of Collection I, Earth A.D. and Evilive and a 3,546,274 press of Die Die My Darling.
I had the songs, I loved the band - I was fine. I always knew that original Misfits records were pricey, heavily bootlegged and you had to have a CSI forensics degree to spot the real deal. Too much work, too much trouble, too much risk.

Then along comes one of the best blogs EVER, Vinyl Noize. Vinyl Noize is run by Bane t-shirt collector extraordinaire and the man behind How's Your Edge?, Brian Murphy. The man knows his business. Between Brian and his contributors, I now literally have experts doing the leg work checking out ebay listings and confirming as far as they can tell, the authenticity and availability of these rare records I was always so leery of.

Well ten days after seeing my first Misfits post on Vinyl Noize, I have bought five ridiculously expensive Misfits records. Let's just say its going to be quite a credit card statement this month.

The second record I bought, and first to arrive in the mail was Evilive. Not just your average run of the mill original Evilive 7", but the limited Fiend Club version.

The Fiend Club version comes with a live band shot on front cover as opposed to the regular version with Glenn and Doyle.

The back cover is different from the regular press as well. The Crimson Ghost is stamped on the cover and each copy is hand numbered by Glenn Danzig himself.

This one is #235. Very evil!

This comes with yellow labels. The matrix etched on the dead wax is for Side A: PL-1019-A For side B: PL-1019-B MASTERDISK
There is a bootleg of the Fiend Club version out there with the number #512 on the book spine. There are a lot out there as 1000 bootlegs were pressed. That is just crazy since there were only 900 pressed of this original.

As with most original Misfits records, you are lucky if you get an insert. This one did come with one in mint condition. Very nice.

Whatever discomfort I had buying this record was immediately gone once I saw who I was buying it off of. As I have previously mentioned in past posts, nothing beats buying hard to find, old original records off of someone who was in the band or part of the early hardcore scene. As luck would have it, this one comes from Jamie Sciarappa, the bass player from the mighty SSD.

Man, how cool is that?

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  1. Yo dude,

    I'm stoked on your enthusiasm about vinylnoize. We appreciate your kind words. The site wouldn't be anything without all the leg work from Cooch, Josh, Kurt and Bob. And of course, our great readers who are always there with additional info or corrections. Me? I'm a small fish. Your praise should really be aimed at those guys I listed above.

    Thanks again, dude, and keep reading!