Friday, April 1, 2011

Supertouch - Lost My Way 7" Limited Editions

A while back I was on the Livewire board reading reviews of the Supertouch - Lost My Way 7". Besides the usual grumbling of the new sound or direction the band had taken with this comeback record, there were a few posts about special covers for Double Cross and Vinyl Noize and people wondering when they would be released.
Of course, I had no idea what anyone was talking about and figured it would be a friends press or special cover that would go to the guys who run the sites. I assumed it would be unattainable and I would just see one on ebay some day for $200.

Last month I got a label update email from Reaper Records about the same Supertouch records I read about earlier. I made sure I wouldn't miss out. Three and a half weeks later - voila.

First up, the limited edition of my personal favorite hardcore website, Vinyl Noize. I buy shit on ebay, what can I say?

As you can see, we have an all new front cover photo. The inner sleeve has a label stamp and is hand numbered out of 50.

The back cover adds the website logo to the bottom left corner and is also hand numbered.

I can't be sure without checking but I think this might be a new insert/lyric sheet as well.

Next up, the Double Cross Edition. I'm just going to go ahead and assume everyone reads this blog already. If you are old and still into hardcore, you read this daily. If you are young and into hardcore, you read it too.

Just like the Vinyl Noize edition, it has a brand new front cover photo, stamped and hand numbered inner sleeve and the website logo on back cover which is also numbered.

I thought it was a nice touch that I got #17 for both records.

Also included was the same insert/lyric sheet, as well as this write up from Tim McMahon from Double Cross. Of course he was also in Mouthpiece, Hands Tied, Triple Threat and owns a Chung King, Floorpunch Division One on gold, etc....

I guess I should also mention that the vinyl for both editions is black from the second press. Black is way easier to describe than "kind of blue" and "kind of green" from the first press!

The package also came with a couple of really nice t-shirts. I would have taken pictures of them, but my girls ran off with them. Hopefully I will find them in the house some day.

This really is a unique, brilliant and potential game changer for the hardcore record collecting world. We now have a label collaborating and working together with fan run blogs to create new collector product. It doesn't hurt that the websites are run by high profile individuals in the HC scene, but to me it feels like a tighter community.

Now I just need to wait for the We Will Bury You limited edition of the next React! Records release. I'm probably going to need a higher profile, and a few more thousand hits per day, but a guy can dream!


  1. I am such an idiot for not ordering these. I was there at the computer the minute the orders went live, I checked them out and then I didn't bother. I didn't like that both getting shirts meant that it would be $60 plus shipping for two 7"s. Plus I figured that the covers would be the usual photocopied piece of paper in front of a regular cover. So I passed.


  2. I wish that I liked this record more. These two releases were really well done, but right now I don't like the songs enough to warrant buying this.

  3. I would, however, be all over a We Will Bury You pressing.