Friday, September 6, 2013

Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today "Final" Press

Lately, I have been making an effort to try and finish off my Revelation "final" presses collection. I kick myself because it's not like I wasn't around when they were first released in the early 2000's. Hell, I even bought a couple at the time. My copy of Judge's  Bringin' It Down on orange is still sealed.
I have a lot of regret when it comes to this collection. At the time I thought owning multiple copies of albums was stupid and I didn't want to waste $12. Wow, $12.
I did a post on the Bold - Speak Out last month, so this time around is Gorilla Biscuits Start Today.

The "final" press for this one was limited to 310 copies on clear red vinyl.

The cover is the one used for later presses with no embossing on the band name or title. Pretty standard insert as well.

This particular copy came partially sealed. The previous owner opened the shrink enough to check on the color. The sticker on the front would have been a giveaway to me, but an unplayed copy is downright awesome. I had no reservations with slicing the shrink wrap up the rest of the seam the second I got it. Got to take pictures you know.


  1. Looks cool. These final presses are hit or miss some people really love them. Some people hate them. It's kind of like the Judge discography vinyl that tons of people love and others think it's the ugliest thing they've ever seen.

  2. Weird. I was buying mainly hip hop vinyl and horror DVDs around this time, not much hardcore at all but I still bought all these 'final' presses. Can't believe the money some of them go for and this is one of the most expensive ones. I've seen this go for more than the purple vinyl in the past which is crazy really.