Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bane - Dublin, 11:58 PM 7" (Tour Press)

Less than a month ago, I pre-ordered the European version of the new Bane 7 inch, "Dublin, 11:58 PM" from Hurry Up Records. I figured since it was going to be expensive to ship, I would order the three pack that would cover all the color variations. I think a few of us did the same.

Well, recently I got an email from Hurry Up that limited Euro tour versions were available. I guess having three on the way already wasn't enough and I ordered a tour copy as well.

Anyways in less than two weeks it arrived and I have to say I am pretty happy with it. This tour version looks to be a lot more involved than a magic marker over a blank white dj sleeve.

From what is pictured on the Hurry Up website of the regular press, it looks like completely different sleeves and labels were printed. Right on the back cover and labels it states that this is a limited edition for the European Summer Tour.

The one I got is on black vinyl which the Hurry Up discography states is out of 120. A green pressing was also available on tour out of 480. Looks like I got another to find.


  1. In theory i should have beaten you to this one. I saw them in London on 2 September and these were for sale. I waited to get them at the end of the show so I didn't have to carry them about. Unfortunately though, I ended up leaving the show in an ambulance, and didn't get chance to grab the 7"s on my way out!

  2. Holy crap! Are you ok? Hitting the pit too hard?

  3. As a matter of fact, yes... well, something like that! I will reveal all in my blog in the not too distant future.