Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ruiner - Hell Is Empty

Ruiner are one those bands that make me want to destroy.
More than few times at work I have had my ipod plugged in and "Out Go the Candles" and "Paint Peals" comes on while I staring at some inane, boring, soul crushing task.
"WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO RIGHT?!?!" screams through my head as I daydream of walking out and never coming back.
Of course, the work gets done, I smile and make small talk with the boss and co-workers I have nothing in common with, and once in a while I will take on new responsibilities with the hope of a good performance review and maybe a higher raise. The joys of adulthood and family life. I got responsibilities, you know?

At least Ruiner help me get through it. They never seem to disappoint. Their new lp Hell Is Empty is no exception.

Some serious effort and care went into the layout and vinyl on this one. Spot UV coating on everything, six panel folded insert, and a gatefold sleeve to boot. This package has to be seen to be truly appreciated.

I haven't seen any word online about a friends or tour press, but it wouldn't surprise me since this out on Bridge Nine. The pre-order anyway had two colors available.

500 on clear

1000 on blue/pink mix

The insert is pretty amazing. Two sided and absolutely huge! I had to be careful unfolding it, it is pretty thin and can crinkle easily.

I think one of my favorite things about this record is my good buddy Shaun gets a "thank you" in the credits! I hang with VIPs.


  1. Man, sounds exactly like my work day. I have never heard the band but I think I might have to pick this up simply for the packaging. Do you work in the printing industry by chance? I noticed you dropped some jargon in there

  2. I wish I was in the printing industry! Anything that would have some form of creativity would be cool.
    No. I do regulatory compliance for an oil and gas company. Reading regulations, writing manuals, reports for shareholders, etc. Pretty much life draining stuff I don't care about!

    I looked up the printing terms so I wouldn't end up saying, "The shiny part" or "kind of glossy like baseball cards".

  3. this record is fucking amazing, both packaging and music.

  4. I get a thank you in this LP?! Very cool. I haven't seen a physical copy of this yet. I'm doing a show for them here on Oct 17th, if they have a tour press i'll pick one up for you.