Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cro-Mags - The Age of Quarrel

I love me some Cro-Mags.
Even after all the soap opera in-fighting, 20 different line ups and question of ownership of the name, their reputation from the first album alone still puts them the top of the heap for hardcore fans.
Cruise by the Livewire message board and you will see hundreds (well maybe dozens) of 35+ year old men bowing at the feet of John Joseph. Personally, his book pissed me off. Just one big long bragging session about how awesome he is at EVERYTHING. Fighting, yup. Scamming, yup. Chanting, yup. Cooking, yup. Is there anything he can't do?!?!? Whatever.

Of course, the music is what matters and it really doesn't get better than Age of Quarrel. Black vinyl, unknown number pressed. Just tough as hell to find in the used racks, let's say that.
I can safely say I dig every song and each one is memorable. Even "Malfunction".

What we have here is one of the more rare variations of the first lp, an "Uncensored" inner sleeve. I'm not really sure why as you can't make anything out on it anyways.

Most of the copies released had a censored sleeve. Here is one for comparison.

If you want to see what the intention was, check out the Age of Quarrel demos 10" bootleg. You can make out all the images at least.

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