Thursday, October 22, 2009

Verse - Aggression (Record Release)

Looking back, 2005 to 2008 were the Rivalry Records years for me. I pretty much went nuts for every band, every record the label put out and of course, every variation and color I could hunt down.

It all started with a cd sampler called "Locked and Loaded 3". I'm pretty sure I received it in a order from Revelation. The Rivalry bands on the sampler were Go It Alone, Allegiance, More to Pride, Another Breath and Verse. From the moment I heard "Tear Down These Walls", I was hooked.

I did my best to get most or all of the variations of all the Verse records including their last album, Aggression. To me, this lp sounded like they took a page out of the Modern Life Is War playbook and slowed down a bit to create a more moody hardcore sound. The three part "Story of a Free Man" is epic. This was a really good way to go out. I love this record.

Well, word was there was a record release version on black vinyl. 100 pressed. Of course this is after I had hunted down the first pre-order color, the second pre-order color, the summer tour press, the regular 1st press on red and the almost immediate repress on grey.
There was no way I was going to stop now.

When I heard about this record release version, I went right to the source. I had met Kyle Whitlow at the Go It Alone final show in Vancouver and had been buying records off him directly for a while. One e-mail and I was able to score one of these off him and had it within two weeks.

Sometimes you just can't mess around.


  1. Very nice addition. I'd like to get my hands on one of these someday. Still, nothing beats this one that I have. :)

  2. If you want please check out the interview I did with Sean Murphy on what would later be their last European tour: