Saturday, October 3, 2009

Comeback Kid - Turn It Around

This has to go down as one of the crazier things I have ever done. Seriously.

One record I have been fascinated with for a long time is Comeback Kid's first record, "Turn It Around". Besides being their best record and being out of print for years, they seemed to have a tour pressing or fest cover for every show they played back in 2004.

For years, I have only owned the most common pressing of the album, the grey marble version out of 1100. This is the record with the largest amount of variants that I always wanted to collect. I only had one. Just a very large glaring hole in my collection if I say so myself.

So when the opportunity arose to buy some records off a B9 board collection sale, I go and instantly (and expensively) take all the fun out of collecting. I bought 16 different copies of "Turn It Around".

16. What an idiot.

The collection is made up of three different color copies of the Hellfest press. All three colors are out of 33.

Five different 2004 Tour presses. Most are on red. One on bloodsplatter.

The rest is four different colors of the regular press (gold/100, white/200, red/300, bloodsplatter with labels/218, a Euro picture disc/500, a label variant on the red vinyl/146, no label on the bloodsplatter/218, and finally a second copy of the good old grey marble.

Funny thing is, I still need two more.


  1. Man, this is funny... because the only one I have is the grey one. I have always wanted the gold one, just because its the rarest 'regular' one... but there's no way on earth I would have bought all these. This is next level insanity!

  2. Not a big fan of Comeback Kid, but even I will admit this is pretty awesome.

  3. love this record. wish i could afford all the different versions.

  4. If you're only collecting Turn It Around variants (without test pressings) you're actually missing 4:

    Picture Disc w/ Black cover /70
    Picture Disc w/ Red cover /30
    Friends Press /33
    Grey marble w/ gold lining on label (impossible to find)....

    I myself are missing the Facedown Press /43 and the Hellfest press on white, Picture Disc w/ Red cover and the infamous gold-lined grey marble.

  5. edit: FYI the grey marble with gold lines on label does probably not exist. No oen has ever seen it apparently.

    I still need your Facedown Press /43 though! :)

  6. just found this blog and i love it! i'm a huge collector myself and i go nuts over little variations. i live with the old cbk singer scott and he has one of every record and tshirt they ever produced while he was in the band in our hall closet. i'm going to have a look for that grey marble with gold lining one...

    i also have a personalized wake the dead "friends press"!