Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Bane 7 Inch Series (Time:Place)

You know, for 6 songs, this seems a bit excessive.

As always, I am an idiot. More dollars than sense!
I swear, at the time it seemed like a good idea to order everything.

All joking aside, I really like how this turned out. All the labels with their individual releases were unique with their color choices and it was still all held together by the cover design and labels.

I'm just hoping the next Bane record is a little scaled back in scope. I got kids to feed!


  1. are they calling that orange/white a transition or just another color?

  2. It is just another color. Orange w/ White speckles out of 200.

  3. I agree with Mike - good picture... well, except for the tour sleeve version just kinda lingering on its own at the bottom there, which looks a little out of place.

  4. this is sweet. i wasn't able to get Rome 12:58 am, but i have the other 9 variations. and i noticed on the black version of Dublin 11:58 pm, the record has the "tour version" label, but it came with the standard cover. so that makes me wonder if there are any black versions floating around with the standard label.

  5. Hey Tom, According to Hurry Up Records, nope. All the black vinyl ended up with the tour labels. I guess it was an error with the pressing plant.
    Those Rome ones will surface. There were plenty pressed.