Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bold - s/t 7"

The Bold self titled 7", also known by some as the Running Like Thieves 7", is nothing if not a headache.

Musically, it is one in a long line of records done by 1980's hardcore bands looking to "grow" or "expand" their musical creativity. As always, you end up with a polarizing record where the band alienate half their fan base. UC, SSD, DYS, Unity, Supertouch, Youth of Today, Bold and the list goes on.

Attempts at proper singing, melody, soft introspective passages, metal riffs, solos and way longer song lengths are the hallmark of hardcore "growth" - and this record has it all! Whether the record is good or not, I don't know. For me, the jury is out. I rarely listen to it anymore to even have an opinion.

As a vinyl collector, this record is the monster of all headaches.

The story is well known and way too complicated to explain here. I'm not sure I even fully understand it. You can go read about it at Dobek's blog or at the Revelation pressing page.

Long complicated story short, the pressing plant couldn't mix colors properly to make maroon so they ended up with pink. Revelation said screw it, make orange. The pressing plant did but without cleaning the presses first. Revelation were invoiced for 1000 orange and 60 pink. Of course, there are an unknown number of pink/orange mixes due to the transition from color to color.
Are the pink/orange mix copies included in the pink number? Are they in the orange number? Are the pink/orange mixes all unique as they transition from one color to another with each one pressed?

Does anyone with a life give a shit?

Anyway, I guess I can throw my hat in the ring and post some pictures.

Pink/Orange mix.

I got this from Kyle Whitlow a few weeks back. He had two. What nerve! I always wanted a pink or at least a pink-ish one. Compared to a lot of pink/orange mix pictures out there, this one is pretty pink. I'm happy.

Here it is compared to my orange. Which isn't very orange.

Like I said, here is my orange. I have seen a lot of pictures that are a darker orange than this one. In fact there is a pretty large pink blob on mine on the right side of the vinyl.

I am going to assume all orange ones are kind of different as they all have some swirls in them. White streaks, pink blobs, whatever.
This is way too hard to figure out or care about frankly. At this point I will stop as you already think I am a nerd for writing this much about it.

Black vinyl. 3900 pressed for the first pressing. At least we know what color this is.

There were at least three pressings of the black vinyl with maroon cover. The pressing numbers aren't listed but we can assume there are a lot out there.

For the 4th and subsequent final pressings until Revelation released "Looking Back" in 1993, they used a blue cover and labels with black vinyl. I never bothered to pick it up. I have spent enough time and money on this damn record!


  1. this record is nothing short of a nightmare for rev collectors. ive seen so many people who claim to have a mix, when in fact its just the orange version. it was one of the most frustrating records to track down for me. the only way to be sure you have the orange, mix and pink is to actually have all three to compare side by side because of the variations within. one thing about the pink version is that its pink. theres no confusing it for a mix because its as pink as can be.

    i would love to see your 2 bolds against others to see what color the are because i really have no idea what they are because your 'orange' one is pretty close to the mix version. its just so hard to tell, thats where nightmare starts. i have a love hate relationship with it because of this. haha

  2. seeing that photo is being revived again, this picture really depicts the color differences.


    taken from:

  3. Maybe you could ask your new best mate Porcell what color you have...