Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beyond Possession - ...Is Beyond Possession lp

"This is a public service announcement, with guitars."

Well, not really. This isn't Joe Strummer, The Clash or even the "Combat Rock" album, but I do feel it is my duty to tell everyone about one of the greatest crossover albums, no fuck that, the greatest albums of all time.

"Beyond Possession...Is Beyond Possession" is a masterpiece in heavy, fast, brutal, start and stop crossover hardcore thrash metal.
Many would say that this is just a straight up thrash metal album but there is too much skate punk sensibilities thrown in to be just that.

I have written about Beyond Possession before, covering their amazing Tell Tale Heart 7". This was their next and final release as an active band.

This was released on the very cool Death Records imprint of Metal Blade Records out of L.A. Death Records released some really important crossover records by C.O.C. and D.R.I. among others. Check out the Death Records comp sometime if you can find it.

Vinyl wise, there isn't much to say. It was just released on black vinyl. It is a hard enough record to find on its own, there really doesn't need to be any bells and whistles with multiple colors or pressings.

One bonus if you do find a copy is a lyric sheet. I know a lot of dudes who didn't get one the first time around back in 1986. Nothing to write home about, but the lyrics do help as Ron Hadley could seriously fire out the lines.

There are a couple websites out there where you can download the album and I would recommend that you do. I would normally not promote that kind of thing but this sucker is so long out of print and was originally only available on lp and cassette. I don't think Brian Slagel will mind.


  1. Never heard this, but the way you described it, it sounds like a winner. I'll be downloading this tonight.

  2. Doug maybe you can help me out with a mystery about this LP. I have 2 versions, both have the Death/Metal Blade sleeve, but 1 of them on the center label on Side 1 reads "KRUNCH-001" and copyright 1987, and the other side has a logo for Krunch Records (which is a guy getting his fingers slammed in a door). This version also came with the lyric sheet like yours above.

    Also on a side note... you gotta love the thanks list... first of all "This album is dedicated to the youth. Youth is a state of mind".... and then after some thank you's..."A Fuckin' Eh to:" Such hosers!!

  3. Shaun, it's a total mystery. I had the same Krunch one that you have. I picked it up from Recordland years ago. I just couldn't find anything on the Krunch label. When I found the Death Records copy, I compared the two and I noticed that the coloring of the cover was a little different which made me think of a different press (obviously).
    My best guess is that Hadley repressed it himself just like he did with the Tell Tale Heart 7" and Fango Records. It's the only thing that makes any sense.
    I mean really, who the fuck would bootleg it?
    The covers were probably leftovers from a second press that Death wouldn't do because they couldn't sell the first press in the USA.

    This is all speculation of course. Oh, and I traded my Krunch copy to Dan Izzo for a whole bunch of COC cassettes. Hell yeah!

  4. Great post. I have never seen the Krunch, but I definitely would like to get my hands on one. I have a couple of copies of this masterpiece in my parent's basement, so maybe I better take a closer look. This thing is really a masterpiece, or maybe I have too much prairie blood in me like you guys.
    Dave Sams

  5. I found a copy of this in the local record store in New Orleans today. It too is the Krunch version in Metal Blade sleeve. I stumbled across this page because it seems to be the only information anywhere online regarding this mystery release. I added it to the Discogs database in hopes that more info is added by others in the know. Here's a link to the discogs entry:

  6. Hey Doug, I have the metal blade/roadrunner version without the lyrics. Can you send me a scan of the other side of the lyrics sheet? I would really appreciate it. my email: inflictorofpain(a) Cheers! Rob from Holland.

  7. Interesting stuff. As the drummer for Beyond Possession, I am completely unaware of the Krunch release. I'm thinking bootleg as the record was released on Metalblade/Death Records in the US, Roadrunner Records in Europe & Cargo Records in our homeland of Canada.

  8. Just did some research. It would appear that Krunch records was a small independent label in England. I doubt this is a legitimate release. Death Records licensed the album to Roadrunner in Europe for distribution in 11 countries. They wouldn't license it to a small independent to compete against their other licensee. The links I have found for this label are no longer active.