Saturday, December 19, 2009

Blacklisted - No One Deserves To Be Here More Than Me

In this day of 4 month in advance pre-orders, delays, pressing plant errors and general mailorder frustration, it was quite amazing when Deathwish posted the new Blacklisted album for immediate sale and immediate delivery.
This just doesn't happen anymore. Good on Tre, Jake and the rest of the Deathwish team for having the resources to do it.

Another awesome thing about this record is that it is a vinyl only release with a mp3 download card for computer and ipod heads. Best of both worlds.

If anyone wants a good laugh, check out this "review" by some moron at Philly Rock Blog.
This guy basically stands for everything I hate. itunes songs for 99 cents, digital download albums, the "trend" of vinyl, etc.
Someone caught wind of this article and posted at the B9 board. The shit storm that reigns down on him from hardcore kids is epic! Read through the comments and his replies. Epic fail.

If that wasn't enough, the guy just doesn't know when to quit while he is behind and "interviews" Jake Bannon to further his own agenda. Absolutely brutal. Jake shows infinite patience.

As far as the vinyl goes, there are four colors pressed, three that were available at the time of ordering;
319 Orange & Green mix

719 Green w/ Purple splatter

1929 Orange w/ Black splatter

There is also a black vinyl press out there that is reserved for the band and their tour. 109 pressed. A few got leaked during the mail order packing. Good for you if you got one. As a collector, I will be waiting on ebay for it as there is zero chance they are coming here on tour.

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  1. "...there is zero chance they are coming here on tour."

    I hear you. One of the many downsides of living in Calgary. Keep up the good blog work.