Monday, December 28, 2009

Champion - Promises Kept : Warehouse Edition

Boy oh boy, do I like the holidays!

My buddy Aram from Champion, Betrayed, The First Step and React! Records was back in Calgary for Christmas and we were able to meet up for coffee last night before he had to head back to Vancouver. Anyone who knows Aram, knows him as a generous guy and he was like freaking Santa Claus when he sold this little gem to me. Hand delivered and everything. The only thing missing were reindeer!

Promises Kept - Warehouse Edition of the reject press/record release white vinyl. Out of 12. Yeah that's right - 12!

With the exception of the blank label misprint on Come Out Swinging, this is by far the rarest Champion record. I didn't even know it existed until Aram told me about it last week. Needless to say I am psyched!

Oh, how I love the holidays!