Thursday, February 4, 2010

Chain of Strength Collection

Sorry for the lack of new material. These pre-orders are taking forever to show up. I finished up a private deal with Sammy Seigler last weekend and have some real beauties I will be posting soon.

I posted this picture of my Chain of Strength collection on both the React! and Vinyl Collective message boards. I don't mean to double dip (or triple dip as it were), but I wanted this picture on here as well. Damn I love this band.

True Till Death.


  1. Got, got, need, got, got, got, need, got, need, got, got, got, got, got.

    I could nearly recreate this photo, but I would be missing three. That said, however, I also have three that you don’t.

    Now here's a question... if you could only keep ONE of these, which would it be?

  2. If I could only keep one? True Till Death 7" on green.
    It's not even close to rarest or most expensive record, but it is the first and best documentation of what they were at their best.

  3. Man, I only have 3 Chain records. Baby Jesus would cry over how sad my Chain collection is.